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Welcome to KF Tales

Hello all! My name is Klio Ftika and I am the founder of KF Tales. I am a proud holder of a BA, an MA and an MEd, all in education. I also have a long time experience as a teacher and later on as a lecturer of Early Years education.


So, I have decided to share with you what all this experience has taught me about raising healthy, happy and successful children.



Since I became a mother, there has never been a dull day in my life. I believe that most of you, parents, will agree with me that there is always a new surprise stored for us or a new phase that we need to deal with.


This venture is addressing the notorious WHY phase. My kids taught me that the best way to convincingly address their questions is through story telling and imagination. So, I have created tales that seem to intrigue and satisfy inquisitive kids.

I hope you will all enjoy them.



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